Skew-T Meteorologist in Kansas City

Late 2017 Desktop Build


I have increasingly taken advantage of hardware-assisted virtualization using KVM in Debian to run headless server applications. Using a desktop workstation for this task is less than ideal, taking resources away from graphical applications and incurring disruptions like occasional reboots. It hasn't quite been two years since building my last desktop machine and the experience gained made it quick to get a new box together.

Running the latest 8th gen Intel Core i5, I downsized certain areas like moving to a Micro ATX and installing just 16 GB of RAM while keeping the same NVidia graphics card. The old, larger machine has now been repurposed as a full time server residing in the basement and it should soon take responsibility for running Plex and MySQL away from the lightly specced standalone Synology NAS.


  • Fractal Design Define Mini C
  • Intel Core i5-8600K
  • 16 GB DD4 3200 memory
  • 500 GB Samsung EVO 960 M.2 SSD
  • ASUS RoG Z370-G motherboard
  • SeaSonic 520W 80 Plus Bronze